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Abracadabra! I can write whatever you need, just ask! Unlock all 800+ Abracadabra Templates

Document AI

You're the Boss! Command Yaara to write for you the way you want.

Email Genie

Write emails and messages faster, and communicate with confidence. Email Genie offers 50+ templates for the most common emails across roles and teams.

Long Form Writer

Writing your first draft is now a matter of minutes. Say good bye, to the writer's block.

Ad Copy Headline

Write headlines that pack a punch and get noticed.

Adjective Generator

Create adjectives and description for any word.

AIDA Framework

Use the oldest marketing framework in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Amazon Brand Ad Headlines

Create Amazon brand ad headlines that will increase your conversion rate.

Amazon Product Description

Create product description for Amazon Listing that rank higher in search results.

Amazon Product Features

Create features for Amazon Listing under the "about this item" section that will make them irresistible to shoppers.

Amazon Product Titles

Product titles that will make your product stand out on Amazon.

Analogy Maker

Generate a relatable analogy based on two words or a phrase.

Ask Me Anything

Take question and attempt to answer it like a professor.

BAB Framework

Before-After-Bridge. A valuable framework for creating marketing copy.

Blog Conclusion

End your blog post with a bang!

Blog Ideas

Brainstorm topics for blog articles.

Blog in a Snap

Write a full blog post in a snap with intro, body and conclusion - just add your inputs and go!

Blog Intro

Write an intro for your blog that will grab readers' attention.

Blog Outline

Plan, organize and outline your blog post or article before you start writing.

Blog Section

Write a section of your blog post or article.

Blog Title

Think of a great blog title that will make people want to read it.

Book Description

Generate powerful and compelling descriptions to sell your book.

Book Subtitles

Make your book title even more eye-catching with a great subtitle.

Book Titles

Brainstorm a catchy title for your next book in no time!

Bullet Points

Create an outline for your next social media post.

Business or Product Name

Generate a winning name for your business or product.

Call To Action

Get more website visitors to take action on your site.

Carousel Post

Create a carousel post for Facebook or Instagram to promote your brand or product.

Catchy Email Subject Line

Draft the perfect subject line.

Checklist Ad Copy

Create a checklist for the ad copy for your business.

Confirmation Email

Instantly craft professional confirmation email for your customers and clients.

Content Improver

Take your creativity to the next level by improving your content.

Cover Letter

Brainstorm and find the right words for a cover letter.

Creative Story

Generate deliciously creative stories to engage your readers.

Engaging Questions

Generate engaging questions your target audience may have.

Explain Like I'm 5

Write a simpler version of your copy.

Facebook Ad Copy

Create Facebook Ad Copy for your business.

Facebook Ad Headline

Make your next ad campaign a success with Facebook Headline!

Facebook Ad Link Description

Write a link description of your Facebook ad.

Facebook Ad Primary Text

Write a body text for your Facebook ad.

Facebook Listicle

Prepare a listicle Facebook ad.

Feature to Benefits

Turn your product features into benefits that compel action.

Fix the Grammar

Correct sentences into standard English.

Freelance Project Proposal

Create great freelance projects proposal that will help you bid on projects and win the clients.

Google Ad Descriptions

Generate a description for your Google Ad that converts visitors into customers.

Google Ad Headlines

Craft Google headlines that make people click on your ad and buy from your site.

Intro Hook Generator

Create a attention grabbing hook for your video intro.

Keyword Extractor

Extract keywords from a block of text that you can use for your optimization, SEO, or content creation purposes.

Keyword Generator

Discover list of related keywords for any topic.

LinkedIn Ad CTA

Write LinkedIn call to actions as short, powerful messages to get your audience to take action.

LinkedIn Ad Headlines

Generate a headline for LinkedIn ad.

Marketing Angles

Brainstorm different angles to add vibrancy to your marketing.

Motto Generator

An awesome business is known with a powerful motto.

Noun Checker

Easy-to-use noun finder tool that identifies all types of nouns in your text.

PAS Framework

A valuable framework for creating new marketing copy ideas. Problem-Agitate-Solution.

Persona Generator

With just a short profile description of your target customer, it can find their tasks, frustrations and goals.

Photo Post Captions

Generate catchy captions for your Instagram posts.

Pin Title & Description

Create great Pinterest pins and descriptions that drive engagement, traffic, and reach.

Product Descriptions

Write product descriptions that will compel, inspire and influence.

Pronoun Checker

Correct pronoun usage helps avoid repeating yourself in your writing! Use pronoun checker to instantly identify pronouns in your content.

Quora Answers

Intelligent answer for tough questions.

Rephrase for a child

Write the text to make it easier to understand.

Reply to a comment

Reply to a comment on a post.

Review Responder

Generate personalized replies to public customer reviews that are winsome, professional and delightful.

Sentence Expander

Add more depth to your writing with our sentence expander.

Sentence Rewriter

Generate powerful alternatives for any sentence.

Sentence Simplifier

Rephrase a sentence to have fewer words.

Sentence to Email

Turns a simple sentence into a complete email by adding the missing parts.

Story Plot

Generate a creative story plot outline based on story ideas.

Story that Sells: 1. Character

Brainstorm a character for a story, what does your customer want that you can fulfill?

Story that Sells: 2. Problem

Brainstorm a problem for a story and talk about the villain.

Story that Sells: 3. Guide

Brainstorm how you can position yourself as the guide in your customer's life by expressing empathy and demonstrating authority.

Story that Sells: 4. Plan

Defining the plans you want to implement to ease your customers fears and concerns so they will engage your brand.

Story that Sells: 5. Call to Action

Brainstorming potential calls to action you can include in your brand story script.

Story that Sells: 6. Avoid Failure

Brainstorm the negative consequences your customers might face without your product or service.

Story that Sells: 7. Success

Brainstorm the successful resolution you're helping your customers achieve if they use your product or service.

Story that Sells: 8. Character Transformation

Brainstorm the aspirational identity of your customer. Who do they want to become? How do they want to be perceived by others?

Summarize for a 2nd grader

Write a summary of your copy.

Synonym Generator

Create synonyms and description for any word.

Thank You Note

Send a thank you email to your client, your boss, your mother in law, or even your ex boyfriend!

Third Person Converter

Convert your first-person into third-person writing.

Two Sentence Stories

Write an interesting story in two to three sentences.

Verb Finder

If verbs were a movie, they'd be an action flick! Easily find the forms of verbs and verb tenses in your writing with Verb Checker.

Video Sales Script

Write a compelling 60-90 second script for a video that creates interest in your offer.

Website Meta Description

Summarize and rank your web page's content with a small meta snippet.

YouTube Description Intro

Create a YouTube description that help your videos rank higher.

Youtube Video Titles

Generate video titles that ranks on search engine.

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